Performing the Form 1B

TRACMA (Trovador Ramos Consolidated Martial Arts) – Negros Oriental Chapter

Originally, the TRACMA Federation had been offered exclusively to Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC – one of the religious institutions in the Philippines) members all over the country. However, as time passed by, this Martial Arts organization opened up for all those Martial Arts enthusiasts – usually teenage girls and boys in schools.

Ever since I was a little kid, I longed to practice Martial Arts. My father and his cousins were members of a certain club while they were in school (in Kabankalan City and Bacolod City). My siblings were the same as me. For a few times, our father taught us what he learned then. Later on, he had gone busy and so, he stopped teaching us.

I still couldn’t be contented. I was so eager to even join the Aikido Club that I heard from someone, which also operated in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental – on the second story of the public market, building 2 at the time. However, I didn’t approach anyone since I never knew their sessions time schedule. And then, I remembered that the college I was studying in had Martial Arts Club. So, I started to ask the Chief of Security in the campus. He then informed me on how and when I can check out the Martial Arts he mentioned.

So, I first learned about this Martial Arts organization when I was seventeen. The organization had always comes along with other Martial Art Clubs in CVPC (Central Visayas Polytechnic College, now NORSU or Negros Oriental State University) like Philippine Tiger, Tae Kwon Do and others. Instructors usually did not ask for payments every session.

I was very active. I joined the Monday-Friday sessions. Gradually, I learned so much from the instructors, whom I dearly loved and admired for their non-profit dedication to teach other kids. What they basically learned, they taught us. And they also gradually helped me climb to reach my current belt.

I am always grateful to them, especially to the Negros Oriental Chapter’s founder who always encourages us and always teaches us to be humble and disciplined.

Side note: I don’t mention the names for identity protection.



  1. Hi! I wanna join aikido.. Can you please send me the location as well as the contact numbers?

  2. If I am residing in the area of Project 4 QC, where is the nearest training school or where can I find a book on this Martial art. Thank you very much, will surely appreciate the positive answer.

    1. ung TRACMA dati meron sa cubao at camp karingal,pero wala na po ngaun,ung sa books naman sa pagka alam ko po,wala din,dahil sa pagtuturo pa lang ng mga techniques at forms pati mga exercises ay pinapakabisado o pinalilista mismo sa mga studyante. — from Macho To (thru FB)

  3. itatanung ko lang po san na po ba ang school ng tracma martial arts gusto ko po sna matoto?

    1. Taga-saan ka po?

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