fireworks display


Taken in Dumaguete City

The New Year

It is the most awaited holiday of the year. It is the time when most people use firecrackers or fireworks to celebrate the New Year happily.
In Dumaguete City, Philippines, one of the mall owners would sponsor a fireworks display every year. It starts when the clock strikes at 12 midnight to meet the New Year. People would anticipate and wait for it at the Rizal Boulevard, where it is usually shown. Street vendors, families, tourists and other people in all walks of life are gathered here.
After the fireworks display, people would continue to celebrate until dawn. The party would be held either at their house, at the streets, at the restaurants or at the clubs.
In the early morning, people would attend the New Year mass, the first one in the New Year. Usually, children and women would wear polka dotted dresses– one of the Filipino beliefs, which means calling out for more money for the entire New Year.
In addition to these family traditions of Filipinos, the list is as follows:
1. Celebration of the so-called ‘Media Noche’, which is derived from the Spaniards that literally means ‘Midnight’. It is when all the families and their extended families like grandparents, uncles, aunts and others would join together as a celebration of the New Year. It is believed that when they are together on the first day of the New Year, they would be always together; and meet each other, always in the whole year.
2. Cooking typical Filipino dishes are done as well during this New Year celebration. Those who still follow this tradition would cook lumpia (vegetables such as potatoes, ground beef/pork, carrots, etc. are rolled in a fabric-thin dough of flour), bingka (Filipino rice cake that’s cook in between the upper and lower fire), Pin-chik (Filipino-Chinese food, ground meat is put inside a flour wrapper that is shaped like a small envelop), Arroz Valenciana (Illonggo’s specialty which is composed of sticky rice, yellow food coloring mixed with it as well as small cuts of chicken meat, green peas, white beans, boiled eggs cut lengthwise and raisins), biko (made up of sticky rice, coconut milk and sugar) and Budbod (sometimes, it is dressed with chocolate in a spiral design, made up of sticky rice, coconut milk and sugar – like biko – but it is wrapped by banana leaves and boiled).
3. Almost every Filipino family would use fireworks at midnight. After this, the entire family members would gather together and eat together.
4. Every Filipino house would make a noise barrage for the whole one minute or so, at midnight of the New Year. To create the noise is to beat the ‘caldero’ (a pot where rice is cooked; so that there is more rice for the entire year), motorcycle’s or any transportation’s horn is blown, and clanging the pockets with coins for more money in the entire year.
However, in the later years, only seldom would respect this belief. Many others have turn away from some traditional things in the New Year celebration.


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